Sand play therapy may be a good alternative or enhancement with more traditional forms of therapy.   A person who struggles with verbal expression or is unsure of how to describe their emotions or trauma to a therapist may be a good candidate for Sand play therapy.     

Clients will often open up to this form of therapy as the medium (a sandbox and figurines) is nonthreatening and the method of expression is completely and freely controlled by the client. They are able to create a representation of any thought or emotion they may be experiencing by placing the figurines in a manner of their choosing. The therapist does not coach or direct the client or ask questions. When empowered to express themselves freely in this way a client might reveal insights about their inner struggles, challenges, and emotional health that they may not be able to express otherwise.     

Safe expression of one’s inner thoughts and feelings is a profoundly healing practice. Sand play therapy is a very accessible and welcoming form of therapy with few limits or restrictions that helps many clients open up, express their inner thoughts and experience healing in a way that is meaningful to them. 

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