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We specialize in psycho-educational assessments for school-aged children and adolescents

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When is an Assessment needed?

Assessments are helpful in gaining information on how best to support an individual whether it is figuring out how someone learns best, or what supports an individual may need, the first step is an assessment.  An assessment can provide clarity for school teams, as well as provide insight into what resources may be accessible for an individual. If you are interested and have questions, please contact our office.  

“ We are interested in learning more specific ways to address your child’s unique learning style, because as we well know, every child is unique! “

You may have some questions about;

What is a psycho-educational assessment?

A psycho-educational assessment is designed to gain a better understanding of your child’s learning style. If we can figure out how your child learns best, then your child’s teacher can use that information directly in the classroom. 

A psycho-educational assessment typically includes three parts:

1.    Discovering learning style – areas of strength and areas that need more

2.    Academic skills – we look to see if the child has any gaps in their learning. If so, we can put things in place so we can fill that gap and as a result, your child will likely experience more success in school.

3.    Behavior issues – we look at this only if there may be something else impacting your child’s ability to learn or function well at home. For example, some children may have a hard time paying attention for a long time, or some children may feel anxious or worried and this may make learning difficult. 

The bottom line is that the goal of an assessment is to remove any barrier that may be interfering with your child experiencing success at school.


What happens with the results of this assessment?

the purpose of an assessment is to figure out ways to best help your child. The report will have recommendations based on the results and these recommendations will be given to you or your child’s teacher. The teacher will then incorporate these strategies into the classroom. 

Do I have to fill out all those forms????

The forms provide information I need to gain a better understanding of your child. If you don’t want to fill the forms out, that is fine but instead, I may call you to talk about your child. To get a complete understanding of your child, we need to know how they are at home, and if you have any concerns. 

What if I have questions? Who can I talk to?

If you have any questions about the assessment process, please feel free to contact us.

Other Assessment Services We Offer

  • Functional assessments for AISH/PDD
  • funding applications
  • Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Career/Aptitude Testing
  • Parenting and/or Psychological Assessment
  • Psycho-Social assessments

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